*Bell Rings* Attention students, welcome to Konoha Hell High. You will be spending the next 4 years or so under the watchful eyes of our lovely faculty and staff members. You were all chosen to be here for a reason, so do not mess it up! Remember, there is no lolly gagging in the halls! You must always report to class in a timely fashion, tardiness is inexcusable. So remember students, spend your time wisely here at "Hell High" because you never know what could happen!

Run by Shey and Sarah
Welcome To Hell
where the youth grow in flames


The “Le Passing Notes; Don’t Get Caught!” event starts at 12pm today and ends at 12am! 

So with that being said, if anyone has forgotten the rules or what this event entails just click here and refresh your memories. 

I had promised to post everyone’s schedules but what I’m going to do instead is just type up who has class with whom so you know exactly who you are able to pass notes to. 


Ken-Do Club (Shikamaru & Tenten) 

History (Karin, Gaara, Lee) 

Science (Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Shino) 

Jap Lit (Sasuke, Kiba)

6th period free 

Math (Tenten, Lee) 


Cheerleading (Ino, Tayuya, Sakura) 

History (Neji, Gaara, Lee) 

Math (Sasuke, Suigetsu, Tayuya, Gaara) 

Science (Naruto, Lee, Kankuro) 

Drama (Naruto, Temari) 

Jap Lit (Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Sai) 


Science (Gaara, Kiba, Temari) 

Music (Tayuya, Hinata, Sakura) 

Math (Karin, Suigetsu, Tayuya, Gaara) 

Jap Lit (Kiba)

6th period free 

History (Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Kiba) 


Science (Sasuke, Kiba, Temari) 

History (Neji, Karin, Lee) 

Math (Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, Tayuya) 

Book Club (Shikamaru) 

6th period free

Jap Lit (Karin, Sai, Temari, Kankuro) 


Ken-Do (Neji, Tenten) 

Math (Ino, Kankuro, Kiba) 

Jap Lit (Naruto, Sakura) 

Book Club (Gaara) 

History (Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Kiba, Sasuke) 


Soccer (Sai) 

History (Neji, Gaara, Karin) 

Art Club (Sai) 

Science (Karin, Naruto, Kankuro) 

Jap Lit (Suigetsu, Tayuya, Ino, Tenten)

Math (Neji, Tenten) 


History (Kankuro) 

Science (Sai) 

Math (Karin, Sasuke, Tayuya, Gaara) 

Gardening Club (Hinata, Ino)

Jap Lit (Tauya, Lee, Ino, Tenten) 


Math (Shino) 

2nd period free 

Jap Lit (Sakura) 

Science (Karin, Lee, Kankuro) 

Drama (Karin, Temari) 

History (Shikamru, Hinata, Ino, Kiba, Sasuke)


Cheerleading (Karin, Sakura, Ino) 

Music Club (Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura) 

Math (Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, Gaara) 

Jap Lit (Suigetsu, Lee, Ino, Tenten) 

Science (Sakura)


Music Club (Tayuya, Sasuke, Sakura) 

Science (Neji, Ino, Tenten, Shino) 

Gardening Club (Ino, Suigetsu) 

Math (Sakura, Sai) 

History (Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino, Kiba, Sasuke) 


Cheerleading (Karin, Tayuya, Sakura) 

Math (Shikamaru, Kankuro, Kiba)

Science (Neji, Hinata, Tenten, Shino) 

Gardening Club (Hinata, Suigetsu)

Jap Lit (Suigetsu, Lee, Tayuya, Tenten) 

History (Shikamaru, Hinata, Naruto, Kiba, Sasuke) 


Ken-Do (Neji, Shikamaru) 

Science (Neji, Hinata, Ino, Shino)

History (Sakura, Shino, Sai) 

Jap Lit (Suigetsu, Lee, Tayuya, Ino) 

Math (Neji, Lee) 


Soccer (Lee) 

Science (Suigetsu) 

Art Club (Lee) 

History (Sakura, Shino, Tenten) 

Math (Sakura, Hinata) 

Jap Lit (Karin, Temari, Kankuro, Gaara) 


Science (Sasuke, Gaara, Temari) 

Math (Ino, Kankuro, Shikamaru) 

Football (Kankuro) 

Jap Lit (Sasuke, Neji)

History (Shikamaru, Hinata, Naruto, Ino, Sasuke) 


History (Suigetsu) 

Math (Ino, Kiba, Shikamaru) 

Football (Kiba) 

Science (Karin, Naruto, Lee) 

6th period free 

Jap Lit (Gaara, Temari, Karin, Sai) 


Math (Naruto) 

Science (Neji, Ino, Tenten, Hinata)

History (Sakura, Sai, Tenten) 

6th period free 


Cheerleading (Karin, Tayuya, Ino) 

Music Club (Hinata, Sasuke, Tayuya)

Jap Lit (Naruto) 

History (Shino, Sai, Tenten)

Math (Hinata, Sai)

Science (Tayuya)  


Science (Sasuke, Gaara, Kiba) 

Drama (Karin, Naruto) 

Jap Lit (Gaara, Kankuro, Karin, Sai) 

(If you have a period that is free, you are being assigned to Kakashi’s Sex Ed class for that period.)