*Bell Rings* Attention students, welcome to Konoha Hell High. You will be spending the next 4 years or so under the watchful eyes of our lovely faculty and staff members. You were all chosen to be here for a reason, so do not mess it up! Remember, there is no lolly gagging in the halls! You must always report to class in a timely fashion, tardiness is inexcusable. So remember students, spend your time wisely here at "Hell High" because you never know what could happen!

Run by Shey and Sarah
Welcome To Hell
where the youth grow in flames

Looks Like, Another Event«<

The next Event will be: 

"Le Note Passing; Don’t Get Caught!" 

The reason why no one was given the option to vote for this event this time around is because we have been trying to think of a way that the characters could pass notes in class to each other since the first week we opened this group. It seems the most appropriate with us being at a school and whatnot. So we’ve finally decided to make it an event! So here’s how everything will work:

  • This event will start Friday, 12pm est and end Saturday, 12am est
  • Say Gaara wants to pass a note to Lee in History class (Which they in fact do have together) Gaara would title a post like: Psst Lee (History class) __________________ Obviously saying whatever he wants. It could be about the teacher, their sexy encounter last night, whatever! 
  • Now, since we have some teachers, your role will be to try and catch the students passing their notes. Say Yamato wants to catch Naruto and Karin passing notes. He’d title his post as: Gotcha! or Caught! something along those lines and he’d say something like: to the front of the class and make them read their note, or choose to keep it. WHATEVER! Just make sure it’ll embarrass the hell out of them (; 
  • Now obviously teachers can’t catch EVERYONE passing a note so only go after the ones that are labeled for your class. Kakashi: Sex Ed Yamato: Science Dei: Art Club 
  • BUT! You can only pass notes to people that are in your class, so Kankuro can’t pass a note to Kiba if they have no classes together. 
  • If you need to know who’s in class with you, you could either look on their pg (most people have their classes up) or we might just post a master list the day of with everyone’s classes. 
  • Remember to always have fun with it and enjoy! (Same rules apply from Character Blog Sunday)